Jewellery Parties

Jewellery Parties

Ladies' Night In - Host a Luma Jewellery Party!

Life is busy and stressful - a night in with the gals shouldn’t be! Luma jewellery parties are fun and informal. No pushy sales pitch, no feeling obligated to buy anything, no catalogues to look through. You and your friends will be able to go home with your purchases that night - no waiting! Custom orders can be placed (shipping costs may apply).

Meet the artist. Ask questions. Find out the story behind the jewellery.

How does it work?

  • Pick a date and gather up 10 or more friends who would enjoy an evening of socializing and shopping.
  • I will provide you with a colour invitation that you can complete and print off and/or email to your guests, telling them a bit more about Luma and what they can expect that evening.
  • I will arrive at your home 1 hour before the start of the party and set up the jewellery. I will require a large table (such as a kitchen or dining room table).
  • Luma accepts cash, cheque, or credit card.

Hosts are encouraged to provide a few drinks and nibblies for their guests to enhance the party atmosphere.

As the host, you will receive 10% of the entire evening’s sales to be used as credit towards your own Luma purchase as well as a thank you gift from me.

Contact me to book your party!